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In collaboration with the PMTeQ at INSP, Jussieu, we have developed Bragg mirror waveguide (Fig. 1) embedding a low density InAs quantum dot layer (Fig. 2). The ridge etching was fabricated by our colleagues from the . The waveguide is doped, and electrically connected to generate an electric field at the quantum layer position. This geometry has enabled our colleagues to perform pump-probe experiment with the pump working at the same wavelength as the detection. The pump is sent from the edge of the waveguide and the photoluminescence is collected perpendicular to the surface.

Fig. 1: Ridge waveguide, with Bragg mirrors as cladding layers

Fig. 2 : AFM image of InAs/GaAs quantum dots

This project has resulted in several publications, among them:

  1. Resonance fluorescence revival in a voltage-controlled semiconductor quantum dot, A. Reigue, A. Lemaître, C. Gomez Carbonell, Ch. Ulysse, K. Merghem, S. Guilet, R. Hostein, and V. Voliotis, Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 073103 (2018)
  2. Probing Electron-Phonon Interaction through Two-Photon Interference in Resonantly Driven Semiconductor Quantum Dots, A. Reigue, J. Iles-Smith, F. Lux, L. Monniello, M. Bernard, A. Margaillan, A. Lemaître, A. Martinez, D. P. S. McCutcheon, J. Mørk, R. Hostein, and V. Voliotis, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 233602 (2017) 

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