Konstantinos PANTZAS, PhD
Email konstantinos.pantzas@c2n.upsaclay.fr
Phone (+33) 1 70 27 04 60
Office C.219
ORCID 0000-0002-2297-3247

Konstantinos Pantzas holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Lorraine for the MOCVD growth and structural characterization of InGaN alloys and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology for the MOCVD growth and fabrication of InGaN based solar cells. In 2013, he joined the Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures (LPN, CNRS UPR20), now the Centre de Nanostructures et de Nanotechnologies (C2N, UMR 9001 CNRS - Université Paris-Saclay), as post-doctoral research fellow, where he worked on semiconductor direct wafer bonding and the quantification of the Z-contrast in HAADF-STEM images. He permanently joined the CNRS as a research scientist in 2016 as a member of the ELPHYSE team of the Department of Materials of the C2N. His research focuses on the MOCVD growth of III-V and IV semiconductors for photonics, as well as advanced structural characterizations using HAADF-STEM. His current research topics include in MOCVD include:

  • The growth of (Si)GeSn alloys

  • The growth of InAlGaAs quantum cascade structures for MIR photonics 

He is the principal investigator of ANR project LIGNEDEMIR, a project that aims to develop novel, quaternary-based InAlGaAs superlattice structures for detection and modulation in the 5-8µm MIR range using MOCVD.

Beyond  MOCVD, his research extends to developing novel characterization techniques and algorithms, in particular using scaning transmission electron microscopy. These algorithms include a nanoscale analogue to the Double-Cantilever Beam experiment, extensively used for testing wafer-bonded semiconductor structures, and an algorithm to obtain atomically resolved, quantitative chemical mappings of semiconductor alloys from HAADF-STEM images.

A full list of the projects he is currently involved in can be found on the webpage of the C2N MOCVD team, here.

Involved in Ex-situ structural characterizationsMOCVD for Photonics


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