International Research Project


Physics of nanostructures and innovative devices
based on compound semiconductors


The International Research Project PHYNICS was officially created in 2019 by CNRS and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) to organize and develop the scientific collaboration between five French laboratories and their Russian partners (mainly based in Saint Petersburg) in the domain of the physics of nanostructures of compound semiconductors. Several pioneering contributions are due to researchers of the participating laboratories which, taken together, practice a very broad range of researches on this topic, from the growth of materials and nanostructures to the conception, fabrication and testing of devices, via the experimental and theoretical study of their formation processes and of their electronic, optical or magnetic properties. PHYNICS is based on a tight network of collaborations developed over the years and within various bilateral or multilateral frameworks by the partners, as testified by the success of the International Associated Laboratory "Nanostructures of Compound Semiconductors - Growth, properties, devices" (ILNACS, 2010-17).


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